Essa: Safe-T-Duct

Essa: Safe-T-Duct  

Improved Indoor Air Quality, made with natural Tea Tree Oil, installed in return air system,
Control of mould, fungi and other micro-organisms in indoor air; Australian Made

Most air looks clean, often it even smells clean. However the reality is quite frightening. In 1998 a study by the World Health Organisation found that biological air contaminants in indoor air had been associated with half of all absenteeism and significantly reduced worker efficiency. It is well recognised that commercial, industrial and hospital air conditioning ducting can be a major source of infection and re-infection in public and private buildings.

Well managed air conditioning systems use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters to control bacterial contamination of airflow. When properly maintained, such filters are very efficient. However these filters do not control fungi, yeasts and moulds. Which is why ESSA has developed Safe-T-duct. Only a complete integrated system of air treatment ensures clean, healthy air is maintained to acceptable standards.

Simple to Install, Easy to use and it Works!

Safe-T-duct is simply fitted into the return air system of your air conditioning or heating system. It assists in controlling mould, fungi, and multiple disease breeding bacteria and assists in creating healthy, clean air to be re-circulated throughout the home or office. Installation is simple, remove the grill or covers and fix Safe-T-Duct to the walls or base of the unit.

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